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Before the inception of the municipality in 1919 there was nothing in the state of Bahrain called municipality or anything of that kind. The state of Bahrain set up the municipality to help and serve the citizens. And to organize their daily life, In the month of Do-Aloqdah in the year 1337 Hijri corresponding July 1919, the government of Bahrain set up the municipality of Bahrain and the municipality which is located in Manama considered the first of its kind set up in the Arabian area, or the Arabian world. The municipality also is the kind of the first official department in Bahrain on the outset of modernization in accordance to the law issued in 20/1/1920 to set up a municipality in …….Manama which was and still the capital of Bahrain.


Eight members were then appointed to run the municipality which was designed to help the Bahraini citizens in among other sectors health.
Since the establishment of the municipality it began to provide houses and commercial shops with nominal fees and began to remove piles of rubbish accumulated in Manama called then “Alsamadah”.

The municipality as time dragged by expanded and began to embark on other tasks like the expansion of roads in 1929, and began to open new markets, slaughter houses, measurement and standardization, drainage as well as drainage for water fall or in other word, rain water fall, in addition to customs. In 1958 it (municipality) embarked on water purification projects with a budget in 1920 at an amount of 604 Dinars of revenues with an estimated amount of expenditures same amount of 604 Dinars. The municipality council was setup in 1339 Hijri corresponding to 1920 as the first administrative body for the municipality. The budget then was modest. The municipality council was set up as the first administrative body developed in the State of Bahrain to run the affairs of the country.

The municipality was the first experiment born in the country to keep in pace with the growth and the burgeoning growth of economy, social and education and the municipality body members lived up to that responsibility.

The late Shaikh Abdullah Bin Isa Alkhalifa was the first to preside the council of the municipality and by the end of 1920 the late Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Alkhalifa presided the municipality’s council and his highness continued to preside the council till 1929 and he was succeeded by the late Shaikh Mohammed Bin Isa Alkhalifa and at that time members of the municipality council were increased from eight to twenty members. The income of the municipality council boosted the economy of the country which urged the government to hold an election for the council half of them elected while the other half appointed by the government, meanwhile the Bahraini women also took part in the election, in the year 1951-1952.

The election was conducted annually with as well the appointment of council members till the numbers jumped to 24 in (1949) half of them elected while the other half appointed by the government.

On the outset of 1938 the late Shaikh Abdullah Bin Isa Alkhalifa presided the municipal council succeeding his brother His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed, and that was the second time Shaikh Abdullah Bin Isa to preside the municipal council after he was head of education department at that time. Shaikh Abdullah remained head of the municipal council till 1956 where he was appointed to preside over the administrative council. He was succeeded by the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa when he was the heir apparent and his highness his father Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Alkhalifa by the late 1961, then His Highness The Late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa took the throne as the Amir succeeding his father Shaikh Salman, His highness the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa exerted his effort to solve the situation, the economy and to build the Bahraini citizens, he focused also on the development of Bahraini in all spherce and he appointed his brother His Excellency Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa to help him achieve that.

His Excellency Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa continued to preside the municipal council till 1967, till the council shifted to administrative body headed by Shaikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Alkhalifa succeeding His Excellency the current prime minister Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa, and during his tenure of he municipal council the resolutions and decisions then taken were decisive and fraught with accomplishments. And Shaikh Abdullah added numerous department to the municipal council which pushed ahead the wheels of progress and development.

The councils continued till late 60’s when the nominees obtained a few vote and the municipality then transferred to the government during 1970, independence day, in regard to the first location the municipality was hired in Yousif Bin Ahmad Kanoo building “Altijar Road” the west side of the building Batelco as a temporary location due to the modest financial circumstances.

And the municipality function continued to be numerous fraught with ramified tasks and due to the small building the officials stressed the need to increase administrative growth due to the increasing population, and shifted to another larger building with many offices to cope with the situation.

Then the building was shifted to the late Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Alkhalifa building opposite “Bab Al Bahrain” following one year of organizing and law legislations.

Then the location was shifted near “Souq Alaham” in Manama in 1341 Hijri 1923 Three year since the inception of the municipality and the building was demolished replaced now by (municipality’s arena) interection of Shaikh Abdullah and the municipality roads in Manama.

And designed with modern engineering to be more spacious and His Highness the late Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Alkhalifa  the ruler of Bahrain then in 1957 issued and approved an order to own maritime plot of land on government road to build new building for the municipality.

In the year 1959 the land reclamation where the municipality building would be on began which is the current building for municipality affairs at the ministry of housing and environment.

His Highness the Amir of Bahrain the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa opened it on the first anniversary of the national day celebration on Dec. 16, 1962.

The ministry of agriculture and municipalities continued to perform its duties and tasks till the first decree on January 19, 1970 from London allowing His Highness the late Shaikh Isa bin Salman Alkhalifa to set up a council for the state wrapped up by executive authority decree no. 2 1970 later on state ministries among them agriculture and municipality directorates consisting of the following:

  1. Municipality Directorate
  2. Agriculture Directorate
  3. Villages affairs Directorate

On the outset of Bahrain independence on the 14th of August 1971 His Highness the late Amir of Bahrain Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa issued a Decree to name the State council as the council of ministers and directorates at the ministries and became the directorate of municipality and agriculture ( The Ministry of Municipality and Agriculture) the Decree no. 16 was issued in the year 1973 on 22/8/1973 to set up a central municipality commission to perform all the tasks and services of the disbanded municipality council for a transitional period of two years, the commission and was made of 28 members appointed by an edict by the Prime Minister 14 members of which citizens from municipality and 14 members representing the state ministries in connection with the public services. The minister of municipality and agriculture chaired the central municipal commission.

While Shaikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Alkhalifa was at the helm of the ministry of municipality and agriculture, it performed various services such as public cleaning and hygiene, environment protection, planting tree and palm trees and greenery in road sides and in villages, public gardens, towns and cities planning and at that time the ministry joined the outside world such as the Arab cities organization and in 1970 the municipality hosted the second Arab cities  organization conference which adopted many positive resolutions, that benefited the organization members states.

إنشاء الهيئة البلدية المركزية

بتاريخ 30/9/1975 صدر مرسوم أميري رقم (19) لسنة 1975، عيِّن بموجبه المغفور له الشيخ عبد الله بن محمد بن إبراهيم الخليفة رئيساً للهيئة البلدية المركزية، حيث مارس اختصاصاته المنصوص عليها بالمرسوم بقانون رقم (16) لسنة 1973 بإنشاء الهيئة البلدية المركزية المؤقتة والمرسوم بقانون رقم (14) لسنة 1975 المعدل له، كما صدر فيما بعد مرسوم أميري رقم (16) لسنة 1976 بتاريخ 12 سبتمبر 1976 عين بموجبه الشيخ عبد الله بن إبراهيم الخليفة رئيس الهيئة البلدية بدرجة وزير.

بعد أن باشر الشيخ عبد الله عمله كرئيس للهيئة البلدية أثبت مقدرته في الإدارة وفى حسن التصرف إزاء متطلبات مدن البحرين وقراها، وبناءً عليه فقد أصدر قراراته بتعيين مراقبي البلديات بمختلف المناطق كما افتتحت في عهده المزيد من البلديات لمواكبة التوسع العمراني المتنامي بشكل مستمر، وبذلك بلغ عدد البلديات في الوقت الحاضر اثنتا عشرة بلدية، يضاف إلى ذلك نشاط الهيئة البلدية الملموس في إنشاء المزيد من الحدائق والمنتزهات في شتى مدن وقرى البحرين، إضافةً إلى تشجير الشوارع بصورة دائمة ومستمرة وعلى نحو منسق وجميل، والعناية الشديدة بجهاز النظافة وتزويده بالخبراء وبآخر ما وصلت إليه التكنولوجيا في مجال النظافة وحماية البيئة.

أما اختصاصات الهيئة البلدية المركزية فهي طبقاً للمادة التاسعة من المرسوم بقانون رقم (16) لسنة 1973 المتقدم ذكره:

أولاً: مراقبة تنفيذ القوانين واللوائح الصحية والتنظيمية التي تدخل في اختصاصات البلديات وضمن مسئولياتها، وتنظيف المدن والقرى وشوارعها وميادينها العامة، وغير ذلك من القوانين الخاصة بالمرافق العامة، وذلك بالتعاون مع الوزارات والهيئات المختصة. وللهيئة البلدية المركزية في حدود اختصاصها إصدار ما يلزم من أحكام تكميلية لتلك القوانين واللوائح.

ثانياً : تقرير المشروعات التالية بالتعاون والتنسيق مع الجهات الحكومية المختصة:
( أ) المشروعات العمرانية والمشروعات التي تهدف إلى تجميل المدن والقرى، مثل إنشاء الحدائق العامة والطرق والشوارع والميادين وتوسعتها وتشجيرها وتسويتها وتنظيفها وإنارتها.
(ب) إنشاء الأسواق،ووضع النظم الخاصة بها والإشراف والتفتيش على تنفيذها.
(ج) هدم الأبنية الخطرة، والإشراف على الأبنية الجديدة، وترميم الأبنية القديمة حسب المواصفات المطلوبة.
( د) تسمية المناطق والأحياء والشوارع.
(هـ) مشروعات الاستملاك وفقاً لقانون الاستملاك للمنفعة العامة.

ثالثاً : النظر في الاقتراحات التي تقدم من الوزارات، أو من أحد أعضاء الهيئة، وإصدار القرارات والتوصيات بشأنها.

رابعاُ : مناقشة وإعداد مشروع الميزانية الخاصة بالبلديات المحلية للسنة المالية الجديدة وحساباتها الختامية للسنة المالية المنتهية.

خامساً: يجوز لأي وزير بعد موافقة مجلس الوزراء، أن يعهد للبلدية المركزية بأمر من الأمور الداخلة في اختصاص وزارته على أن تتحمل الوزارة ما قد يقابل ذلك من أعباء مالية.

وقد ورد بالمادة الثانية من المرسوم بقانون رقم (14) لسنة 1957 ما يلي:
يستبدل بنص المادة (3) من المرسوم بقانون (16) لسنة 1973 النص الآتي:
(أ) يكون للهيئة البلدية المركزية شخصية اعتبارية، وتتمتع بالاستقلال المالي والإداري وتتبع مجلس الوزراء، وتعتبر ميزانية الهيئة البلدية المركزية ميزانية مستقلة، تخضع لأحكام القانون رقم 1/1975م بشأن تحديد السنة المالية وقواعد إعداد الميزانية العامة.
(ب) تكون البلدية بإداراتها وأقسامها تابعة للهيئة البلدية المركزية.
(ج) يكون للهيئة البلدية المركزية رئيس يصدر بتعيينه مرسوم أميري، ويرأس البلدية بحكم وظيفته، وينفذ قرارات الهيئة البلدية المركزية المتعلقة بتنظيم أجهزتها التنفيذية ونظام سير العمل فيها. كما يصدر اللوائح المنظمة للمرافق والخدمات العامة التي تتولاها البلدية أو تشرف عليها.
(د) تختار الهيئة البلدية المركزية من بين أعضائها نائباً للرئيس يحل محله في اختصاصاته مدة غيابه.
(هـ) يكون للبلدية مدير يصدر بتعيينه قرار من مجلس الوزراء بناء على توصية الهيئة البلدية المركزية ويكون مسئولا أمام رئيس الهيئة البلدية المركزية وأمام الهيئة البلدية المركزية.

أما المادة الثالثة من المرسوم المذكور فتحدد موارد الهيئة البلدية المركزية على النحو التالي:
( أ ) الاعتمادات المالية التي تخصصها لها الدولة في الميزانية المعتمدة.
(ب) العائد من خدمات الهيئة البلدية المركزية من الرسوم وغيرها. ومن استثمارها لأموالها وغير ذلك من الإيرادات الناتجة عن نشاطها.
(ج) الهبات والتبرعات والوصايا التي تقبلها الهيئة البلدية المركزية.
( د ) القروض التي تحصل عليها.

رئاسة البلدية
الشيخ عبد الله بن عيسى آل خليفة تولى رئاسة البلدية عام (1337هـ - 1919م)

 وكلف برئاسة البلدية للمرة الثانية في الفترة من (1357هـ - 1938م حتى عام 1376هـ - 1956م).

The late His Highness Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Bin Ali Alkhalifa

was born in 1291 Hijri he was well known for his wits and wisdom.

During the era of Shaikh Hamad oil exploration began and a company for oil was set up, the causeway linking Manama with Muharraq was also built during his era, He presided the municipality (1339 Hijri 1920) until (1348 Hijri 1929). He died in 1942 and was buried in Riffa cemetery.

The late Shaikh Mohammed Bin Isa Alkhalifa.

presided the municipality from (1348 Hijri 1929) until (1357 Hijri 1938).

His Highness the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa the Amir of Bahrain (1956-1961)

His Highness the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa was born in 1352 Hijri corresponding 1933. Meanwhile on the same date 3 June 1933 where His Highness was born, two centuries ago Ahmed Alfateh was at the throne in Bahrain.

His Highness the late Amir of Bahrain Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa was taught by private tuitors and in 1953 he was appointed in the trustees council during the absence of his father who was in London to attend the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, he was also representing his father abroad. He attended the coronation of King Faisal the second the King of Iraq in 1954. He chaired the municipal council in 1954 until 1961, where he was succeeded to the throne, he was the head of Alkhalifa commission and the chairman of irrigation council, he became heir apparent on the 17th of Do Alhaja 1376 Hijri corresponding 5 July 1957, He became ruler of Bahrain after the death of his father on Thursday 22 Jamadah Alawal 1381 Hijri corresponding Feb. 2, 1961.His Highness was well known for his modesty and politeness, generosity and on incalculable times he toured the houses and area of the citizens and responded to their needs and this made the Bahraini loyal to him and thankful to his generosity, while His Highness in office the country witnessed progress and prosperity, Bahrain got its independence on 15 of August 1971 and the title the ruler of Bahrain was changed to (The Amir of Bahrain) and a government was formed headed by the Prime minister Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa, after independence Bahrain became a member in the United nation, the Arab league and in 1973 the first constitution was issued in Bahrain, the state of Bahrain became an important spot or centre in banking sector, communication, between east and West, while the Amir in office the country witnessed progress and development such as Aluminum Bahrain, Bahrain Petroleum Company, Dry Duck and many other projects such as bani Gas, plastic industry, pre cast houses, His Highness highlighted the importance of the housing sector in which thousands of houses were distributed to the Bahrainis, progress and development were in many spheres such as, health, education, housing, power, water, transport and the media and information etc.

Bahrain also attained an international recognition in the banking sector in which the banking units in Bahrain reached sixty units and more than twenty banks that boosted the national economy and political stability in the country help to achieve this and become the biggest financial centre in the region, the policy His Highness pursued support the Arab cause and the Arab stead-fasted-ness in regard to the on going challenges, and Bahrain still take part in all Arab and Islamic Summit conferences and the goodwill of the gulf cooperation council which support and buttress the Arab stability.

The Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa (1962-1967).

The Prime minister His Excellency Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Alkhalifa was born on 25 of Shaiban 1354 Hijri corresponding 1936 and he is the second son to the late Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Alkhalifa, He first joined the Bahraini schools for his education and then higher study in the United Kingdom, when he returned from the U.K. he was appointed head of the education council in 1957, in the year 1959 he was appointed charge de affaires for the Bahraini government secretary, in 1960 he was appointed head of the Bahraini government finance and then he was chosen to head the municipality- Manama in 1962.

Shaikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Alkhalifa (1967-1973)
the minister of justice and Islamic affairs.

Abdullah Bin Mohammed Alkhalifa (1973-1988)

the former chairman of central municipality commission. Shaikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Alkhalifa was born in West Riffa 1935, he obtained B.A. in history, he worked in the custom directorate 1951 after his graduation from Bahraini Schools. He worked East Riffa Municipality assistant superintendent, and then superintendent in East Riffa’s municipality. He then worked as undersecretary for the ministry of municipalities in 1975 he was appointed head of the central municipality commission, he died on 25th of June 1988 of heart attack while he was out of Bahrain.

Shaikh Khalid Bin Abdullah Alkhalifa (1989-2001)

The Minister of Housing, Municipality and Environment Shaikh Khalid Bin Abdullah Alkhalifa was born in Muharraq (1944) he studied engineering in the United States and obtained BSC in Civil Engineering; in 1971 he worked as director of public works.

In 1975 he was appointed as the first minister for housing in Bahrain, he also became president of the housing banks four years later. In 1989 he was appointed as head of the Central Municipal Commission and Municipality and environment affairs were also added in his ministry in 1995 when he was appointed the minister of housing municipality and environment. He became a member of the planning and coordination committee council. Shaikh Khalid is the founder of Bahrain’s engineer society, and he played a pivotal role in Bait Alkoran, he is a member of supreme council for youth and sport, the supreme traffic council in addition to his membership in the Bahraini ruling family council.
In his capacity as the first minister for housing in Bahrain, His Excellency Shaikh Khalid was in-charge to run his ministry he founded Bahrain housing bank, and with the directives of his highness the late Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Alkhalifa, the Amir of Bahrain then and with the ceaseless efforts by Shaikh Khalid also oversaw the management and running of the central markets in the housing complex etc., and the plantation of greenery and gardens for the public, in regard to the environment issue coast and beaches in Bahrain were cleaned and were equipped with facilities that make those frequenting them enjoy their time in full, many conferences and seminars on environment were held in and out of Bahrain to help minimize the danger of the industrial waste and to keep the Island tidy and clean.

Mr. Jawad Bin Salim Al-erreyd (2001-2002)

In the year 2001 an order was issued appointing Mr. Jawad Bin Salim Al-erreyd as a minister of municipality and agriculture till 2002, the ministry witnessed the formation of 5 municipality council directly elected, his ministry continued till 2002, despite the short period it was full of achievements.

Dr. Mohammed Ali Bin Mansour Alsitri (2002-2005)

Dr. Mohammed Ali Bin Mansour Alsitri (2002-2005) in the year 2002, was appointed as minister for municipality and agriculture affairs, his ministry continued till 2005.

Mr. Ali Saleh Al_Saleh (2005-2006)

In January 2005 Mr. Ali Saleh Al_Saleh was appointed as minister of municipality and agriculture.

Mr. Mansoor Hassan Bin Rajab (2006-2008)

In December 2006 Mr. Mansoor Hassan Bin Rajab was appointed as minister of municipality and agriculture Affairs.

Dr. Jumaa Ahmed AL-Kaabi (Since 2008)

In Oct.r 2008 Dr. Jumaa Ahmed AL-Kaabi was appointed as minister of municipality and agriculture Affairs.

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